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The URC Competition is an annual competition hosted by the Mars Society in Hanksville, Utah. The competition is split into two stages. In the fall, teams from schools across the United States propose their rover design to a panel of judges. From the design proposals, the top 36 teams are selected to compete in late May. Each rover is tele-operated from a space station not far from the rover's location. More information about the RASC-AL Robo-Ops competition can be found here.

Our Cal Rover Team participated in the RASC-AL’s Robo-Ops Competition, representing the West Coast as the only team to pass the initial design round. This allowed us to take part in the full competition hosted at the Johnson Space Center in Texas. After the design proposal, our team manufactured the Mars rover and programmed the communications and controls software. While we did not place in the top three this year, the experience has taught us many lessons in creating an effective team that will help us in the future. We have a very solid model designed and almost fully implemented and are looking for eager students to take on responsibility and get straight to work. We are very excited for URC 2020!


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Cal Rover Quick Facts:

  • Participates in the URC Mar's Rover Compeition
  • Founded in Fall 2012. First successful entry into the Robo-Ops competition in Fall 2013.
  • Only West Coast school to advance to the final round of the National Institute of Aerospace’s RASC-AL Robo-Ops competition
  • Competition team of 8 graduates and 7 undergraduates
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