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MechEng 98/198 *INACTIVE* AIAA Mars Rover [2 units, P/NP]

Description: Though Berkeley is a terrific school for engineering, it unfortunately does not have a specific major geared towards space exploration. That's what this class is for, to try to bridge the gap between what we learn in class and exploring the amazing, immense and teeming void that we call the rest of the observable universe.


In short, this class is going to be about building rovers. It will be closely tied with Berkeley's Robo-Ops team, and the goal is to have a working rover built, programmed and ready to run by the end of the school year.

This class will be taught in a rather broad style. Lots of topics will be covered, from using SolidWorks to programming feedback control algorithms for complicated electromechanical systems. There will be classroom meetings once a week for two hours, and there will be additional worksessions scheduled throughout the semester. Students will be required to attend 75% of their assigned worksessions, which will be very much like regular lab sessions, where we shall work on developing the rover itself.

Prerequisites: None other than a good attitude and a will to learn.

This course will be offered Fall 2014
Lecture Time:  Wed  6:00-8:00 PM
     Location:  6 Evans

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Questions? Contact robo-ops [at]

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