Cal Rover

Our chapter is planning on particapating in the 2019 URC Competition, hosted by Mars Society in Hanksville, Utah. In the competition, universities design a rover in the Fall and submit a proposal by the end of February. Rovers need to be able to drive through simulated lunar and Martian terrain, fit in a limited volume, and weigh a limited amount. Example objectives of the competition include autonomous traversal, traversing over sand, dirt and boulder fields, collecting soil samples and determing if life existed based on that sample, and assisting astronauts by retrieving tools, screwing in bolts, and many more objectives. Teams control the rover at the competition in Utah remotely from a space station close by the rover. If you are interested, feel free to join our team! Any major or set of skills is welcome. We will also have an Education and Public Outreach (EPO) group for spreading the word about our team and encouraging younger people to go into STEM fields.

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